Rowcor Industies  (simulation)

Rowcor Industries is a diversified manufacturing company with operations in 23 countries.  The company manufactures and services products in the automotive, industrial, commercial office, and medical device industries. The company has 12 manufacturing facilities in the USA, Asia, and Europe. Primary distribution hubs are maintained in Japan, Chile, Brazil, The Netherlands, Italy, UK, and India. The company uses a network of 3PL’s and stocking distributors to service its customer base. All contract distributors are required to maintain a service organization and be certified by Rowcor. Rowcor University is a training facility for service professionals is maintained at the NJ headquarters and in Japan.  Annual training is mandatory for all service professionals.

Rowcor Medical is the medical device division of the company.  Currently Rowcor Medical operates in North America and the EU. Rowcor Medical has R&D facilities and its headquarters in Cambridge MA. The EU operation is based in Oxford England.  Manufacturing is done in the USA with a network of CMO’s. Distribution is handled with 3PL;s that deliver directly to hospitals and surgical facilities.

At Rowcor quality and customer service are our highest priorities. The company prides itself on its high level of customer satisfaction and its low incidences of return for defect. The company also values innovation. Our R&D team has filed for over 56 patents last year and is on track to exceed that number this year.  Our Medical division has obtained FDA and EMA clearance for a record 3 new products in FY 2020 with an additional 3 in the pipeline for 2021.

Careers at Rowcor are as diversified as the company. Since the firm develops, sources, manufactures, delivers, and services there are career opportunities in a large array of disciplines. The most common focus areas include:

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Customer Service

  • Field Service and Customer Education

  • Supply Chain and Manufacturing

  • Procurement

  • Finance

The team at Rowcor is the firm's most valuable asset. The firms prides itself in having one of the lowest employee turnover rates in the industry. Part of this success are the benefits, especially the firm's emphasis on training and professional development. We also recognize that Rowcor is a fast-paced environment that may not be for everyone. As such our interview and selection process is designed to find the right fit for a candidate, based upon skills, aptitudes, and interests, and the opportunities at Rowcor.


 NOTE: This is for the Job Skills Simulation and does not reflect an actual company