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NOTE:  These positions are for the Job Skills Simulation and DO NOT reflect actual open job opportunities 

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Career Opportunities for New Graduates.

Demand Planning

Associate, Demand Planner  - The Associate in Demand Planning works with senior forecasters, marketing, & sales to help forecast demand for Rowcor Products.  There will be 4 positions for each Rowcor Division.  This position requires exposure to demand planning, market development, and consumer behavior, Strong analytical skills are a plus. Prior experience with a forecasting tool such as SAP IBP, Demantra, or Blue Yonder(r) is a plus. 

Associate, Demand Data Analysis  The analyst will work for demand planners, production, sales & marketing to analyze demand patterns, customer feedback, and Rowcor performance with the intent to continuously improve the demand planning and fulfillment processes.  This position requires strong analytical skills including modeling, exposure to demand planning, and good organizational & communication skills. 


Production Planning & Inventory Control

Associate Production Planner -  As a planner, you will be working with production management, demand planning, purchasing, and inventory control to assure that Rowcor will produce sufficient products to meet our customer demand while still maintaining a sound financial footing for the business. Candidates should have some exposure to production operations, some background in master planning and/or materials requirements planning. Experience with a major ERP system such as SAP or Oracle is a plus. 

Inventory Control Specialist - This position is vital to managing and controlling the broad spectrum of products Rowcor offers. Inventory Control Specialist ensures that inventory levels for all finished goods, intermediates, and raw materials are accurate, that the inventory is of the appropriate quality, and that all materials are located properly to meet the demand of production and our customers. You will be working with production planning, purchasing, finance, logistics, and sales on a day-to-day basis. Candidates should have excellent organizational skills, the ability to create models for financial and inventory planning purposes, and some understanding of inventory costing methods. Hands-on experience with a major ERP system is a plus. 

Production Operations

Operations Scheduling Associate - This position is vital to the successful execution of production operations. You will be working with planning and production management to ensure that all production operations run on a timely and efficient manner as well are meet the business requirements of high customer service levels and on-budget performance. The successful candidates will have an understanding of shop floor operations, exposure to detailed scheduling, and an understanding of the principles of production costing. 

Manufacturing Area Supervisor - For this position, the candidate should have some supervisory experience and excellent communication skills. The area supervisor will be responsible for managing a portion of the manufacturing operation. You will be responsible for the safe and efficient operation of all production operations in your area. The Supervisor will also oversee a team of 4 to 6 production technicians. Prior experience in a production environment is a plus. 

Process Improvement Specialist -  The ideal candidate for this position will have some experience in Lean, Six Sigma, Value Stream Analysis or some other Process improvement methodology. The PI Specialist will work with production management, engineering, and R&D to improve Rowcor manufacturing processes.   This position required excellent analytical and written & oral communications skills. Prior experience in a manufacturing or physical distribution environment is a plus.  

Associate, Contract Manufacturing - Working with Production Management and Planning the Contract Manufacturing Associate will plan and manage portions of the manufacturing plan that have been designated to be assigned to outside manufacturing facilities. This position requires excellent communication skills, an understanding of basic costing, exposure to manufacturing planning, and an understanding of contract conformance.  


Distribution Planning

Associate, Traffic Management -  In this position you'll be responsible for the day-to-day planning, scheduling, and execution of trucking, ocean freight, rail, and air freight.  There are openings for managing traffic in each of the major markets for the company. As such the incumbent may be expected to travel 50% of the time in various areas of the world. Ex-US postings are possible.  The successful candidate will have exposure to logistics planning & transportation. You should have excellent communications and organizational skills.   Foreign language skills are a plus.

Associate, Network Planning - working with Distribution management the associate network planner will analyze our current networks and exploit opportunities for improvement. The associate will also be involved with the design of new distribution networks as well as adapting current networks for new products.  The ideal candidate will have good communication skills, strong mathematics skills, and a good understanding of costing.  Exposure to simulation tools such as AnyLogic(R) is a plus. 


Distribution Operations

Associate, Customer Order Management - This position is responsible for day-to-day order management and ensuring that Rowcor meets and exceeds customer expectations for order cycle time and in full order fulfillment. You will be working with sales, customer service, finance, production planning, and distribution management to ensure the company meets its goals. The associate will work with many groups to ensure orders are appropriately prioritized and order promise dates are met.  Candidates for this position should have excellent organizational and communication skills. They should also be able to function at a high level under pressure. 

Warehouse Operations Supervisor - For this position, the candidate should have some supervisory experience and excellent communication skills. The area supervisor will be responsible for managing a portion of the distribution operation. You will be responsible for the safe and efficient operation of all warehousing operations in your area. The Supervisor will also oversee a team of 4 to 6 warehouse technicians. The ideal candidate will have good communication and organizational skills, be able to stay organized in a high-demand environment, and able to work well with staff with differing educational and language skills. Rowcor has distribution facilities around the world. Foreign language skills will be needed for postings outside the USA. 

Associate, Logistics Operations - Associates can be assigned to inbound or outbound logistics. In this position, you will be responsible for day-to-day operations of transportation and material movement in an area of the world. You will work with service providers in trucking, rail, ocean, or air freight operations. Working with Distribution Management you be scheduling and controlling material movement to ensure products reach customers on time and in good quality and ensure raw materials and intermediates reach manufacturing sites or contract site on time.   A person in this position should have excellent communication and organizational skills and exposure to budgeting and cost control. Candidates in international positions should have foreign language skills and some understanding of customs clearance. 


Customer Service

Customer Relationship Specialist - The Customer Relationship Specialist is the face of the company for all post-sales interactions with our customers. You will be helping customers with the use & maintenance of the products they have purchased. You may also help customers with warrantee issues,  solving problems with shipping or resolving potential damage to their items. You may work with sales, distribution, and product development on many customer issues. Successful candidates will have excellent communication skills and people skills, and be able to remain calm in all situations. Prior to working with customers, each new specialist will go through training on Rowcor products and services, as well as Rowcor customer service policies & procedures. A CRS position is an opportunity to see the breadth of Rowcor offerings and markets.  

CSR positions are available for Rowcor Industrial Division and the Rowcor Medical Products Division.