What is the value of an APICS CPIM and/or a CSCP

APICS CPIM/CSCP offers value in two major areas: 


  1. How the CPIM Helps Improve Day-to-Day Operations
    Today’s supply chains are more complex than ever before. This complexity arises from several factors, some that have existed throughout time and some that are unique to this era. From extreme weather to a global health crisis – today’s market is perpetually subject to volatility. This is only compounded by shifting consumer expectations and demands, with one-day delivery and personalized offers becoming the norm for many suppliers. 
    Technological advances make it easier for suppliers to satisfy this shifting demand but can also be challenging for those who struggle to keep up with the times. The key to success in this digital era? An understanding of the systems, methodologies, and concepts that are connected to on-demand order fulfillment, near-instant delivery, and increased demand. A CPIM and CSCP education provides a framework and tools for synchronizing, optimizing, and continuously improving an organization’s end-to-end supply chain. It is a key prerequisite to embarking on an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system implementation. CPIM/CSCP stresses the value of a consistent use of terms, as defined by APICS, the global standard for the entire Supply Chain Body of Knowledge. The certification is a key to individual and enterprise success through excellence in supply chain management.
    Revolutionizing the day-to-day
    With the CPIM/CSCP providing supply chain professionals with a better understanding of systems, methodologies, and concepts, day-to-day operations become no-brainers and efficiency becomes the norm. This rings particularly vital as the supply chain industry faces unprecedented levels of uncertainty and unforeseen changes each day. By returning to the foundational knowledge that stems from a CPIM/CSCP education, individuals can not only face challenges head-on but redefine what a successful operation looks like. 
  2. CSCP / CPIM Certification Catapults Your Career Trajectory

    Let’s break down at least 3 ways CSCP / CPIM catalyzes a supply chain professional’s career trajectory.

    1. Increases recognition and marketability in the field
      Both CSCP and CPIM rare universally well-recognized and well-respected designations in the supply chain field. A CPIM certification demonstrates that an individual has the skills and knowledge needed to excel and lead in the industry, increasing employee credibility within their organization and beyond. In fact, those who are CPIM certified have enjoyed a 65% increase in hiring potential as a result of their certification. And according to a survey of more than 1,700 supply chain professionals, those who hold an industry certification like a CPIM earn a median salary that is 18% higher than those who are not certified (see footnote*). CPIM provides the ‘How’ in operations. CSCP has similar credentials and indicates the individual has knowledge of Supply Chain concepts, principles and practices. CSCP provides the ‘What, Where and Why’ of the Supply Chain. Beyond a great resume builder, a CSCP / CPIM sends a message to employers or potential employers – that an individual has the knowledge and understanding needed to take their career to the next level and make a real impact on an organization.
    2. Helps supply chain professionals develop a deeper and broader understanding of their industryA CPIM certification doesn’t just look good on paper – it provides those certified with a greater and holistic understanding of the supply chain industry. That’s because CSCP / CPIM gives supply chain professionals the understanding needed to effectively evaluate and manage supply chain activities, such as planning, purchasing, inventory management, or scheduling products and services. CSCP / CPIM helps to elevate an individual’s knowledge, ultimately enabling them to drive efficiency in planning and operations.  
    3. Gives individuals the knowledge to improve day-to-day processes and make a tangible impact on operations
      Professionals who earn their CSCP / CPIM certification can translate knowledge from their studies and make improvements in their organization’s processes and practices, inherently helping their business run smoother and with more cohesion. 
      For those looking to boost their career and positively impact their organization and industry, earning a CSCP / CPIM is a great place to start. CSCP / CPIM provides motivated supply chain professionals with the knowledge base and understanding to improve processes, as well as increase recognition and credibility for the importance of supply chain efforts overall.

Your chapter PRSJ (Princeton and South Jersey) can help

But the question is – how does an individual become the skilled professional that the supply chain needs right now? By earning a Certification of Production Inventory Management (CPIM) or a Certified Supply Chain Practitioner, supply chain professionals gain the skills and knowledge needed to improve day-to-day processes and operations. 

Your chapter has four certified CPIM instructors and two certified CSCP instructors. The chapter can provide online education to a company or an independent group of individuals who sign up on our website. The CPIM course is 21 hours and the CSCP course is 39 hours. For more information pl email Brian Dougherty VP Education [email protected] or visit our chapter website IF you have questions on the content of the courses email Blair Williams (old instructor!) at [email protected] 





*SALARY SURVEY and CAREER TRANSITION RESOURCES ON A new Salary Survey web page with these key findings has been published. We also created a career transition resource page for individuals considering a job in supply chain, especially in light of high unemployment rates.

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