Classified / Job Submission Form

APICS Princeton South Jersey is happy to help you with your recruiting needs. We provide this service to you free of charge.  We see this as our service to our members to help them advance their careers. 


 When submitting an ad please:

--- Have a Job Title and Company. 

--- Put in the job description in the large field labled Job Description / Ad Copy.  

--- You can include links to your company web site or the site for for information & application in the ad. 


We ask that you have the top portion of the posting be an easy to read advertisment for the job. This is what people see on the website first. Long non-specific text tends to get passed by so that is not a help to anyone. 


 At the bottom we have contact information.  There is space for an applicant email and a separate space for a phone and email for APICS use, APICS use will NEVER post these. Those are for us in case we have any questions. 


 If you have any questions please email: [email protected] or [email protected]