Lunch and Learn: Setting up a Free Trade Zone

January 10, 2019
12:00 PM to 12:45 PM
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Depending on the type of importing your business requires, there are several ways you can lower the costs of your operations by setting up a Free Trade Zone.

  • If you are re-exporting to other countries, you pay no duty when importing into a FTZ

  • If you are importing raw materials/components that a dutiable, and you convert them to a reduced or duty-free good in the FTZ, you pay less duty

  • If you import goods in large quantities to save setup and freight costs, you improve cash flow by paying duty only when the goods are shipped to US customers in smaller quantities over time

  • If you have a high volume of entries, you can achieve significant savings in Merchandise Processing Fees by using a FTZ and weekly entry filing.

This presentation will provide real-world examples of how savings can be achieved and briefly outline the steps needed to select and activate a FTZ in the New York-Philadelphia area.

John Christoffersen has been a member of APICS since 1978 and certified (CPIM) since 1981, serving as a board member and instructor for various chapters in NJ.  He has over fifty years of experience in supply chain management, beginning with the US Army Ordnance Corp, and has worked in a diverse set of industries including medical devices, 

security systems, truck/auto aftermarket parts, aircraft power systems, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.  He has utilized many different ERP systems to manage purchasing, inventory, distribution, and customer service operations and led projects to implement ERP and WMS applications in a number of companies, including CR Bard, ADT, Bendix, Purepac Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer, and Merck. He currently a Supply Chain manager at Aurobindo Pharma USA located in E. Windsor, NJ, where is leading the project to activate a FTZ in Aurobindo’s new Distribution Center.





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