CPIM Part 2, Advanced Topics

March 22, 2021
6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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CPIM 2, Zoom Classes

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CPIM Part 2 Summary

The CPIM program shows students how to implement proven methods to optimize an enterprise's internal fulfillment processes. This program will help anyone active in the daily management of planning, purchasing, logistics, or operations control. The class will help you gain skills in making strategic decisions for your enterprise, and give you tactical skills in plant operations and inventory control. The CPIM program will help anyone looking to advance their career or just gain knowledge in this key aspect of supply operations.  

The course consists of 13 sessions meeting once a week. Each class consists of 3 hours of instruction and Q&A.  In addition, the course comes with a computer learning system to help the student prepare for the exam. The computer learning system includes practice exams and section quiz materials, study guides and tools to plan your preparation for the exam.

The areas covered include detailed instruction and study in:

Master Planning of Resources
Explore and be able to apply the principles of demand management, sales and operations planning, master scheduling, and distribution planning, and to identify conditions that require action. This module evaluates knowledge of both supply and demand planning for mid- to long-term independent demand.

Detailed Scheduling & Planning 
Acquire a working knowledge of the tools and techniques for planning of inventory, including processes such as MRP, CRP, Lean, TOC, and projects. Covers how to use each technique; standard measurements for inventory, materials, capacity and supplier performance; and when to escalate shortage issues.

Execution and Control of Operations
Learn how to translate plans into operational activities and define and apply techniques in the operations field. This is the Shop Floor Control process (or Manufacturing Execution System) covering order releasing, monitoring and status reporting plus hourly capacity/materials management within the course of a workday.

Strategic Management of Resources
Develop vital leadership skills via the SMR segment including higher level enterprise-wide thinking, strategic planning, developing aligned goals/metrics and implementing operations policies. This section emphasizes how market requirements drive the resources and processes of an organization.



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